Kids Need Help
Medical Mission Planned for January 6, 2019 Cebu Philippines

We here at Kids Need Help, Inc need your help to raise $30,000 to make this Cebu Philippines Medical mission a success.

I am requesting donations that will be used to perform facial reconstruction surgeries like cleft palates for children in the area of Cebu Philippines. We will also perform eye surgeries for those who have a need and along with the free eye surgeries I will get 10,000 pair of used glasses to give those who have a need for a pair of glasses.

If you would like to make a donation click the donate button on this page and make your financial donation in any amount, we will surely appreciate it.

Be a Volunteer

The Association of Kids Need Help, Inc believes that volunteers can help make the facilitating of donation awareness activities possible. The volunteers play a vital role by making informational presentations to civic groups, corporations, schools, and religious organizations. Many of the volunteers are donor family members (and also recipients) who want to share their valuable time and effort in seeking out help for the less fortunate communities like our orphanage. Volunteers are also needed to help distribute information about giving donations at meetings, malls, fairs and to assist with bulk mailing projects.

Why Become A Volunteer?

To make a difference. Being a volunteer will give you endless opportunities to touch other people's lives by helping them in your own small ways. Little gestures will make a big difference and impact to someone who is in need. Being able to help gives you an overwhelming pleasure to know that you have helped someone and your efforts have been appreciated. As a volunteer you are expected to give than to receive but the more you give, the more less fortunate kids and poor families will be happy and felt that they are loved and valued. As a result, you are not just helping them to have a comfortable living in some ways but also being an inpsiration to make their dreams come true!

Boosting your self-esteem. Meeting different people from all walks of life and learning how to deal individuals with different personality are among the ways to build self-confidence within yourself. It gives you chances to interact people who may not be of the same wavelengths as you are but this will make you to be more open minded and broaden your horizons. Bumping shoulders with anyone will teach you how to appreciate life even more as you will learn important lessons in life as you meet and greet people from different lifestyles and personalities, which will give you ideas on how to overcome struggles and hindrances in this cruel reality.

Become more wiser. As time passes by and as you meet plethora of people, you also grow to become more mature and much wiser as you began to make decisions all by yourself. You are able to grasp better understanding about life when you become a volunteer as you will witness the different living of different people commonly to those who do not have the luxurious way of living.

Being a volunteer may be a tedious profession but it is satisfying and rewarding as you give happiness to kids and families who need help. If you want to be a part and become one of our aspiring volunteers click here.