Kids Need Help
Medical Mission Planned for January 6, 2019 Cebu Philippines

We here at Kids Need Help, Inc need your help to raise $30,000 to make this Cebu Philippines Medical mission a success.

I am requesting donations that will be used to perform facial reconstruction surgeries like cleft palates for children in the area of Cebu Philippines. We will also perform eye surgeries for those who have a need and along with the free eye surgeries I will get 10,000 pair of used glasses to give those who have a need for a pair of glasses.

If you would like to make a donation click the donate button on this page and make your financial donation in any amount, we will surely appreciate it.

Donation thru Honor Someone

Another way to donate is by honoring someone, in which you express your support, love and respect for an important person of your life. With a tribute gift through, you are making a big impact not just to the dedicated person but to kids and families who are deprived with comfortable living.
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