Kids Need Help
Medical Mission Planned for January 6, 2019 Cebu Philippines

We here at Kids Need Help, Inc need your help to raise $30,000 to make this Cebu Philippines Medical mission a success.

I am requesting donations that will be used to perform facial reconstruction surgeries like cleft palates for children in the area of Cebu Philippines. We will also perform eye surgeries for those who have a need and along with the free eye surgeries I will get 10,000 pair of used glasses to give those who have a need for a pair of glasses.

If you would like to make a donation click the donate button on this page and make your financial donation in any amount, we will surely appreciate it.

Donate Now

We humbly seek help from you so we may be able to meet our goals, missions and visions through financial donations coming from you. We are expecting too much to your kind heart and experience what good things can it do to you also.

Current Projects and Needs:

  1. Financial support to reconstruct a better home enough to accommodate our
    growing number of kids
  2. School building and a work shop space
  3. A vehicle for transporting kids and supplies
  4. Playground equipments

Here are some ways in which you can show your love and donation to those who
are in need:

  • Check
  • Credit Card
  • Honor Someone
  • Gifts of Stock

We invite you to get involved! Two lives will forever change, whenever someone sponsors.