Kids Need Help
Medical Mission Planned for January 6, 2019 Cebu Philippines

We here at Kids Need Help, Inc need your help to raise $30,000 to make this Cebu Philippines Medical mission a success.

I am requesting donations that will be used to perform facial reconstruction surgeries like cleft palates for children in the area of Cebu Philippines. We will also perform eye surgeries for those who have a need and along with the free eye surgeries I will get 10,000 pair of used glasses to give those who have a need for a pair of glasses.

If you would like to make a donation click the donate button on this page and make your financial donation in any amount, we will surely appreciate it.

About Us is a non profit organization aiming to help less fortunate Filipino children and orphans to have a better living and get a formal education. This foundation serves as a channel where volunteers and donors get involved with different missions and outreach activiities to help the children who are in need. It was established to benefit deprived and underpriviledged kids, orphans and street children. We extend and accept help in all forms to aid the world in overcoming impoverishment and illiteracy. In addtion, the organization offers its time as volunteers and raised funds for the children and the less fortunate families here in Cebu, Philippines. supports in any way to help build a good character, better place and living for children.

Our mission is to provide opportunities to deprived, abandoned and underpriviledged children within the orphanage community. Basically, the children who lives within the circle is our most concerned. This also includes the less fortunate families not only in the Philippines but in all nations globally.

In January 2009, Kids Need Help Inc. Founder and President Raymond Hammersley together with his wife Madelyn, visited the Philippines and became aware of the deprived, abandoned and underpriviledged children.

They witness how the needs of the children swelled enormously and the orphanage was struggling, just to provide the basic necessities and much less opportunities for the children within the community. After several visits to the orphanage, Raymond, who is very much involved in the medical mission around the world and flies together with American doctors in most cases, and his family made a commitment to help built a new orphanage in Minglanilla- a first class municipality in the province of Cebu, Philippines.

The Kids Need Help Inc. was incorporated in Nevada, USA, in which Ray and Madelyn utilize this channel of help to emphasize the importance of providing for those neglected and abandoned children who have been living elsewhere. The financial assistance and fund raising is not motivated by an arbitrary quest or any other vested interest besides the underpriviledged children's basic needs, education and better homes for the less fortunate.